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You will love working with me if you appreciate adventure, don't mind my nerdy references to Marvel, Disney and video games, doing things your way and value real, candid photos of you and your partner, connection and intimacy.


Lakyn Hayes

West Texas Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Welcome! I'm stoked you are here. My dogs are my life, I'm (probably) clinically addicted to Dr. Pepper, and I am pretty decent at gardening/backyard farming. I'm from a small town in Tennessee and now calling Texas home! If you haven't noticed yet, a large portion of me is a huge eclectic nerd. The other part of me is a type A-way-too-obsessed-with-organization serious type of person that comes out when it has to. Blended together, you get me! Perfectly obsessed with your love story and ready to make magical art with your faces on it. 

I've often thought about "why" I wanted to be a photographer, and honestly - the answer comes down to simply wanting to relive my best memories. The warm glow captured in the photos of the summer afternoons of my childhood still brings me right back to those hay fields, laughing and playing without a care in the world with my siblings. Like I've said before, if you value true-to-life, documentary style photos, I'm your girl! It's literally in my blood.

I've quite literally seen it all - every possible thing that could go wrong, everything that goes right, and everything in between - and I know how to handle it with a Captain America like swiftness so it doesn't interfere with how beautiful your wedding day will be.  I think we'd be a perfect fit! Let's get together to talk dates!

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xo, Lakyn


It is my mission to create fun, timeless, and authentic wedding imagery for down-to-earth, unconventional couples, so they can continue to feel the memories of their big day in the future and enjoy those fleeting moments for eternity.

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I would 100%
hire her again

“Lakyn was amazing to work with on our wedding day! She traveled 4 hours to be our photographer and her travel rates were extremely reasonable! Her work is amazing, as you can see for yourself in her portfolio. I would 100% hire her again!"



I love her
bright +dramatic

"Lakyn did an absolute amazing job with our engagement photos and wedding photos!! I really love her unique style with bright and dramatic photos. I looked at most photographers in my state and decided to go with Lakyn, and I don’t regret one bit doing the extended search!"

lee-ann + Adam


Goes above
and beyond

“The work she puts into her art, and the way she goes above and beyond to make sure your day goes perfectly... it really isn't a question of if she's the photographer for you, but more like how soon you can hire her! Lakyn is truly amazing!"

Amanda + ian


we loved her
creativity and passion

“Lakyn kept us calm about our timeline and reminded us that it was our day and all of the photos we wanted were going to happen no matter what. Lakyn does a great job at integrating your color palette into her style, and we loved her creativity, passion and attention to detail."

Emily + David


the ultimate
hype woman

When we first stumbled upon Lakyn's work, I could see the happiness and love in her photos and we were moved by them! We wanted that quality for our own wedding photos. Lakyn is your ultimate hype woman and will calm any nerves you have of being in front of the camera. Lakyn is very personable and she will make you feel at ease throughout the whole process! She’ll guide you to where she thinks the best photo spot is. If there’s something you don’t like she is very accommodating. She was our first professional photographer to work with and we loved her!

Natalie + matt



My journey as a wedding photographer has spanned 10 years and two states – read more below!


Where I'm From

Although I was born and raised in a small town in Northeast Tennessee, I moved to Lubbock, Texas in March of 2021 and love everything about this sometimes insane dust bowl!

My First Camera

I picked up my first camera (a hand-me-down film camera from my dad) at the age of 10! From there I learned the ins and outs of film photography, how to get things technically correct without the help of an editing program, and how to develop my own film.

The Savannah Creative

I started The Savannah Creative while pursuing my Bachelors Degree at East Tennessee State University. In 2020, I celebrated 10 years in business! Savannah is my middle name, after the dreamy city in Georgia! While weddings and elopements appeared on the menu a little later in my career, I built the foundation of my company with maternity and newborn portraits.

My First Wedding

I officially shot my first wedding in the Spring of 2011! It was such a special moment in time for me and I love looking back on those images still to this day!

Why Weddings

Since that very first wedding, I have fallen in love fast with weddings and elopements and just how special they are. For most of my clients, this is the biggest day of their lives thus far, and it's such an honor for me to be there! I have since been featured on blogs and websites like Something Turquoise, The Knot, and Zola!

Day to Day

These days, I typically shoot about 20 weddings per year. This allows me to focus on each and every occasion and properly tell its story. It also gives me time for fun things like spontaneous trips to Disney, midnight Marvel movie premieres, hiking in the Rockies, and flying back home to Tennessee to see what new baby goats my mom has on her farm.


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