Lubbock Wedding Photographer: Day-Of Timelines: What They Are, Why You Need One, and Where to Start

You need a timeline! I am as spontaneous as the next gal, and there’s a time and place for it. However, your wedding day is not the place or time! Having a timeline for your wedding day is so important to avoid stress, headaches and family members wondering where they need to be. Other than that, they’re incredibly important for your vendor team. Imagine the caterer not knowing what time to show up and being late to serving your guests dinner! Your wedding day timeline is so important. It ensures that you have the most stress-free wedding day ever. Everyone knows where they need to be and what time they need to be there! As a Lubbock wedding photographer, I am here to save the day!

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Okay, sooo… help?

Okay, okay. First things first, what the heck is a timeline? A timeline for your wedding day is a document or spreadsheet that you should create with your vendors (specifically your photographer) so they know when to arrive and what they should be doing to complete their tasks by the time they need completed by. For example, without a timeline, you would probably just eyeball a time for your hair and makeup artist to start and before you know it, it’s 10 minutes until your ceremony is supposed to start and you’ve got ZERO photos that were planned. This pushes them all to after the ceremony and cuts into precious time spent with your friends and family celebrating your new marriage!

So, you’ll help us create a timeline that’s specific to our wedding day?” YES! As a Lubbock wedding photographer, I wear many hats and one of them happens to just be planning your timeline so it’s stress-free. Another of my priorities is to take make sure your timeline fits you, your partner and what your expectations of your wedding day. Sure, you can pull a random timeline off the internet and call it a day. Allow me to help your alleviate your wedding planning experience and help you create a custom timeline that’s fit for your day.

We start off with a quick Zoom call (if Zoom freaks you out, I’m down for emailing or texting – I see you introverts!) so I can get some important starting points. I’ll ask what time you’d like to have your ceremony, what time you’d like to start dinner, and what time you’d like to have your send off. From there, I plan accordingly based on what time frames you’ve hired your vendors for. After we chat, I put together a timeline and send it back to you for your approval! Once you’ve approved it and everyone is happy, feel free to share this with your other vendors like your coordinator, DJ, and caterer! I would also lightly suggest to send it to important family and friends that might need to be there for photos before the ceremony (if that’s one of your wishes).

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What does the timeline from a Lubbock wedding photographer look like?

I’ve put together a sample timeline based on a couple of factors for your viewing pleasure. This is based off of an October wedding that includes a first look, some photography before and after the ceremony and basic reception events. This also is based off of my most popular coverage option of 8 hours.

October Wedding Timeline for Couple

2:00: Photographer arrives and begins with detail shots. Florist arrives with florals!
2:30: Everyone begin getting dressed and ready to go! Here I will capture some getting ready shots for both parties.
3:00: First look with couple!
3:30: Wedding party photos (both sides separately, all together, and individual shots)
4:00: Freshen up before ceremony; touch up make-up and hair, lint roll suits, etc. Here I will finish up detail shots of the reception and ceremony space. At this point, your caterers should be setting up, cake should be delivered and your DJ should be ready to go!
4:30: Ceremony
5:00: Family photos after ceremony
5:30: Additional bride and groom photos
5:45: Reception intros, prayer before dinner
6:00: Dinner – Enjoy your meal and relax. There will be plenty of time for mingling with your guests later.
7:00: Sunset! Steal away from the reception for some golden hour photos and quality time together.
7:30: First Dance
7:35: Cake Cutting
7:40: Speeches and toasts
8:00: Party time!
10:00: Send off! Photographers leave after the send-off and couple leaves for honeymoon!

Okay, you’ve convinced us!

GREAT! Let’s get the ball rollin’! Once you’re on the books, we can start talking logistics and planning your dream day so you can have images like this!


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