Featured on: Shoutout Colorado

Yours truly was featured in Shoutout Colorado! It’s not every day a publication reaches out and wants to get to know more about your story as a Colorado wedding photographer, but I was so glad to work with them and have them tell my story!

Shoutout Colorado is all about asking the meaningful questions to people like me! From their website, “We think meaningful conversations are at the heart of community building.  We also think every voice matters and that these conversations shouldn’t be led by billionaires, media elites, or celebrities.  We feel it’s far more relevant to hear from the folks who make up the fabric of our communities – small business owners, mom-and-pops, and independent artists and creatives.” Isn’t that awesome!?

I was so happy to partake in the experience and I hope you enjoy reading!

You can read it here: Shoutout Colorado

Colorado Wedding Photographer
Colorado Wedding Photographer

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